Technical Links

ROHS , UK Government RoHS Center

USB Implementers Forum, Inc , Universal Serial Bus Specification Center

1394 Trade Association , IEEE-1394 / FireWire Specification Center

The Official Bluetooth Site , Bluetooth Specification Center

Bluetooth SIG , The Official Bluetooth Membership Site

IrDA Org , IrDA Specification Center

IEEE Wireless Standards Zone, 802.11, 802.15, 802.16, P1451.5

Wi-Fi Alliance, 802.11 Resources from IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Atmel and more

PCI-SIG , PCI Specification Center

LPC Bus , Intel LPC Bus Specification Page

I2C Bus , Philips I2C Bus Specification Page

Smart Card Alliance , Smart Card Specification Center

PCMCIA Org , PCMCIA, ExpressCard, CardBus, Miniature Card, SmartMedia Card, 16-bit PC Card

United States Patent and Trademark Office , Search Patents & Trademarks

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