SK8702 - PS/2 Pointing Stick Mouse Module
  • Low cost and space saving solution
  • Advanced motion control algorithm
  • Z-Tap algorithm to simulate left button click, double click and drag
  • CellMute technology filters the wireless EMI noise from cellular phones and wireless networks
  • Works with standard Windows® mouse drivers
  • Works with Lenovo TrackPoint® drivers
  • Low power consumption. 650uA (idle), 2.1 mA (operation)
  • 3.15V to 5.25V operating voltage

The SK8702 pointing stick module is a cost-effective, space-saving PS/2 mouse device deploying a Sprintek SK7102 pointing stick controller. Typically, consuming 650uA in idle state, the SK8702 is ideal for battery-operated systems.

Deploying CellMute technology to filter the wireless EMI noise from cellular phones and wireless networks, the SK8702 modules can work quietly in wireless environment.

The SK8702 module partially implements the Lenovo TrackPoint® extended command protocol and can work with Lenovo TrackPoint® device drivers directly.

Typical Applications
  • Notebook/Laptop computer
  • Handhelds 
  • Keyboards
  • Instrumentation


Support Software

A set of software tools were developed to support SK8702 design. Click here to download these tools (SK7100).

  • AD reader - Read X, Y, Z AD value
  • PSCOM.exe - Send PS/2 command and receive response.
  • JOYTEST.exe - General Pointing Stick test program


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