SK7102 - FlexPoint™ PS/2 Pointing Stick Mouse Encoder
  • Low cost and space saving solution
  • Advanced motion control algorithm
  • Z-Tap algorithm to simulate left button click, double click and drag
  • CellMute™ technology filters the wireless EMI noise from cellular phones and wireless networks
  • Works with standard Windows® mouse drivers
  • Works with Lenovo TrackPoint® drivers
  • Low power consumption. 890uA (idle), 2.76 mA (operation)
  • 3.00V to 5.25V operating voltage

The SK7102 FlexPoint™ pointing stick mouse encoder is a cost-effective, space-saving PS/2 mouse device deploying a Sprintek SK7102 pointing stick controller. Typically, consuming 890uA in idle state, the SK8702 is ideal for battery-operated systems.

Deploying CellMute™ technology to filter the wireless EMI noise from cellular phones and wireless networks, the SK7102 modules can work quietly in wireless environment.

The SK7102 module partially implements the Lenovo TrackPoint® extended command protocol and can work with Lenovo TrackPoint® device drivers directly.

Typical Applications
  • Notebook/Laptop computer
  • Handhelds 
  • Keyboards
  • Instrumentation


Support Software

A set of software tools were developed to support SK7102 design. Click here to download these tools (SK7102).

  • AD reader - Read X, Y, Z AD value
  • PSCOM.exe - Send PS/2 command and receive response.
  • JOYTEST.exe - General Pointing Stick test program


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