Sprintek Corporation is a supplier of high-quality microcontroller based semiconductor products and designs for computer peripherals, medical devices and industrial applications.HyperLinkSPOTLIGHT   FlexMatrix command line programmer (CMLProgrammer) was released for production automation.
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SK5100-Programmable Industrial FlexMatrix™ Keyboard encoder IC. Replacement of Semtech SH1101.
SK5103-USB FlexMatrix™ medical keyboard encoder with 9 AB Rotary Encoders, 16 Analog Sliders, 36 GPOs and 2 PWMs Support.
SK7300-Ultra low- power PS/2 and Serial FlexStick™ Joystick/Fujitsu ErgoTrac Hall-effect Sensor Mouse Encoder.
SK5126-SK5126-Programmable Industrial Industrial temperature USB adn PS/2 combo FlexMatrixTM keyboard Encoder.
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